Dining Chair Reupholstery

Dining Chair Seat Covers

Are your chair seats in need of attention? A new set of seat covers will not only make your chairs more comfortable, but you can also choose a design to perfectly match a more modern décor. Sally will work with you to custom make bespoke dining chair seat covers to fit your exact specifications.

Chair Reupholstery

If your chairs have become marked and worn over many years of service, dining chair reupholstery is the answer. Whether you need one or a pair of chairs reupholstered, or you’re looking for a commercial reupholstery service, Sally works with all manner of modern and vintage styles, colours and fabrics to bring your furniture back to life. You can see more examples of dining chair upholstery in The Gallery.

If you have a new chair upholstery project in mind, need your dining chairs re-cushioned, or you’re looking for a bespoke upholstery service, please contact Sally Fairhurst Interiors using the form below to discuss all your chair reupholstery requirements…



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